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although little me enjoyed photography, art and design, my plans had always been to become a surgeon or at least some kind of physician.

but right while applying for medical studies, i got to watch a commercial photographer while shooting and i absolutely fell in love with this job. as i thought of a photographer as someone taking portraits for passports in a small suburban mall, this job never appealed to me before.

that changed as i decided to start an apprenticeship at s7udio (felix wirth & arndt sauerbunn) in duesseldorf, where i learned a lot from a fashion and a commercial photographer. soon i began developing my own ideas as i gained more and more knowledge regarding light and photographic techniques.

after i finished the apprenticeship i started to study communications design at designkrefeld, where i am still currently studying and am learning more on conception and thinking beyond. during my studies i am assisting different photographers in duesseldorf and keep on developing new skills regarding my own photographic expertise.